Method to the Madness

It has been about 6 months now since Nate and I really got this company rolling. We decided that the best way to “kill two birds with one stone” (and in this case more like 3, 4, or 5 birds...sorry birds) was to compose a new piece of music each week, record it for video and audio, and throw it up on several social media outlets. This accomplishes many things.

First off, it develops a discipline to write each week, which is essential to treating this like a job even though we love it. Much like a staff writer for a newspaper would show up and have to write each day whether they were “in the mood” to or not. We can’t always sit and wait for the muse to reveal itself. Composing is a craft.

Secondly, it allows us to find our sound not only in terms of what gear we use, (hardware, software, instruments, recording techniques, etc) but also the “sound” of Nate and I’s composing together. Often times we show up with no ideas and start improvising until something comes out that we both like and then follow it to its natural conclusion. I’m still in awe of this process and grateful to be a part of it. To start with nothing and then have a song seemingly out of thin air is kind of astonishing and exciting to me every time.

Thirdly, it allows us to explore our writing chemistry. How do we communicate ideas to each other? How do we tell each other we don’t dig what the other guy is doing in a constructive way? How do we foster creativity in a work space? How do we keep things fresh and not repeat ourselves? How do we keep true to ourselves and write what we love? These are all questions we’ve explored in great detail.

Next, it allows us to market ourselves using various social media outlets to promote ourselves, our music, and our brand. Each week we upload a new music video to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This is a vital step in making people aware that we exist and so far we seem to be growing at a steady rate.

And finally, it allows us to build a music library. After all, we are a music house with the goal of producing music for all types of media. Over the last six months we have written more than twenty five pieces of new music, not to mention the short film, short documentary, and podcast we scored last year. All of this content adds up to a growing music library that is ours to show to potential clients and use for licensing.

In closing I’ll say that we’re really having a blast doing this. I know I can speak for Nate too when I say that we’re so grateful to be composing together. Finding someone whom you have great writing chemistry with and also like to hang out with is kind of precious. It doesn’t come along too often.

We’ll keep writing and we hope you all keep listening! Thanks for your love and support as always.


- Matt